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The GenZ Report Logo


The GenZ Report is a social-media-based news organization created for GenZ by GenZ, "providing an alternative to corporate news sources to engage young people and amplify their voices."


Through collaboration with team members of The GenZ Report, it was agreed upon that the branding for the new news organization should feel fun yet professional. It was stressed that the organization would have to take extra steps to be taken seriously by the public, as they are managed exclusively by young people.

The final primary logo is simple, yet still can be easily understood as being representative of a news company with its nod to a classic "breaking news" banner design. The "Z" is created using the negative space between the two halves of the banner, and is detailed with very basic hatching— which simultaneously adds both a playful retro vibe and a feeling of speed, quickness, and immediacy.

The complimentary logo mark is simply the "box" surrounding the negative space "Z" from the primary logo. The slanted shape of this logo mark adds to that feeling of quickness that is common in news logos.  Because the logo mark is so minimal and is made up of simple geometric shapes, it is still easily legible when scaled down.

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