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My name is Ella Signs,

I was born and raised just outside of Lansing, Michigan and received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising from nearby Michigan State University (go green!). Upon graduating from MSU in 2021, I accepted a Marketing & Advertising Creative Specialist position at the City of East Lansing. And while I will forever be grateful for this position and the opportunities it gave me to grow as a creative, a professional, and an individual — I diiidddd end up falling right into the "quit your 9-to-5 and move across the country" trend...

And so that's how I ended up here: living in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, California and chasing my dreams as a freelance photographer & graphic designer. I am truly loving every second of it. The inspiration and creative opportunities in a region filled with so much culture and diversity are endless. 

As for photography, I specialize in natural light photography— though I will never shy away from a creative challenge. I describe my style as warm, candid, emotive, and human and my aim is to capture the genuine emotions of a moment. 

My design style is a blend between trendy and timeless. I like to create work that feels fresh and with-the-times, but that is also able to withstand the test of time. Even more important, I aim to create designs that reflect my clients as individuals, which is possible only through communication & collaboration.

And when I'm not sitting at my computer or snapping photos, I enjoy traveling, laying in the sun, trying local coffee shops, buying plants, and since moving to the Bay: going on hikes!



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