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Downtown East Lansing Social Soirée Invitations

In my role as a Marketing & Advertising Creative Specialist with the City of East Lansing, I wore many hats. One of which was serving as Director of the East Lansing Downtown Management Board (DMB).  

Though originally put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the DMB decided it was safe to begin hosting quarterly business meetups once again in the summer of 2022. These quarterly business meetups (eventually coined as "Social Soirées") are invite-only networking events with local business owners and managers.

DMB members asked if I could create an invitation design to hand out to all local business owners/managers. They wanted the event to feel special and classy, while still depicting obvious sponsorship by the DMB.


To do so, I pulled design elements from the locally recognizable Albert EL Fresco brand, incorporated the teal color from the DMB's "Downtown East Lansing" logo, and kept the font and additional design elements minimal and clean.

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