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GET Snowboard Designs

I created these snowboard designs as an assignment for ADV326: Advanced Creative: Media I at Michigan State University. The brief was to create two snowboard designs (top + bottom) for a local board company, GET Longboards.

Snowy Mountains Design

Inspired by the serene views and photographs of mountainous landscapes, the Snowy Mountains snowboard design was created to elicit he same magical feelings one would feel if standing atop a glowing, snowy mountain range themselves.

The bottom side of the snowboard depicts a snowy mountain scene. The top side of the snowboard features a blurred gradient of colors resembling the snowy mountain scene from the bottom. The hexagon pattern on the top of the board is simply a stylistic design element, reflecting current (2020) design pattern trends.

Catching Snowflakes Design

This funky Catching Snowflakes design was inspired by a nostalgic winter past-time: catching snowflakes on your tongue! To better align with the daring personalities of many snowboarders, this childhood memory was made edgier with a wild tongue graphic and white snowflakes

that sharply contrast with the black background.

The bottom side of the snowboard features the mouth and tongue graphic in bright shades of red which will fiercely pop against freshly powdered snow. The top side of the snowboard repeats a section of the snowflake pattern from the bottom of the board.

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