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School of Logging Off Logo + Branding

School of Logging Off : "The destination for helping you redefine your relationship to work without sacrificing your next promotion." This digital playbook offers multiple tools, including a blog, a weekly newsletter, an eBook, and custom lesson plans.


My job was to bring the School of Logging Off brand to life in preparation for the website's official launch.


During my initial Zoom call with Grant (the Creator of School of Logging Off), he described wanting a logo that was the perfect balance between clean and modern; but also colorful, illustrative, approachable, and not *too* corporate.  Additionally, he hoped for the logo to include the color teal— which had become a key color in his prior branding.

After exploring a couple of alternative logo concepts, Grant approved the final School of Logging Off logo — a favorite concept of both of ours from the beginning.


This clean but playful design incorporates the depiction of a "slide to power off" button meant to represent logging off from work. It also allows for a simple but effective secondary logo — a power button — which Grant utilized as his website's favicon.


Furthermore, the all-caps font speaks "authority," but the rounded edges on the font speak "friendly" — the perfect juxtaposition for that balanced vibe we were aiming for.

Sustain Newsletter Banner

A highlight of the School of Logging Off toolbox is the free weekly email newsletter: Sustain. However, Grant recognized that the newsletter was easy to get missed in his subscribers' inboxes — he wanted it to stand out more through the use of a consistent newsletter banner. 

It was within my initial unused logo concepts that we found inspiration for the Sustain banner. A color scheme was born, as was the "calm face" icon. And while we wanted the Sustain banner to have it's own look, we also wanted to incorporate elements from the School of Logging Off logo to maintain consistent branding: like the same teal color and font.


In the end, I provided Grant with two newsletter banner options which he could rotate as he saw fit.

LinkedIn Banner

The next step in preparing for the official launch of the School of Logging Off website was to begin preparing marketing materials. 

Because corporate professionals make up so much of School of Logging Off's target audience, Grant utilizes LinkedIn as a key platform to build his subscriber base. As such— an effective LinkedIn banner was needed for Grant to build brand awareness and legitimacy in the digital sphere.

The final banner, which I formatted for both Grant's personal LinkedIn profile and company page, includes witty copy (provided to my by Grant), and a playful arrow illustration pointing to Grant's profile picture to indicate him as "your guide". And of course, it provides a free call-to-action: "Subscribe to Sustain Newsletter," while maintaining key branding elements from the School of Logging Off logo.

School of Logging Off: The Ultimate Guide (eBook)

A key-goal for School of Logging Off is to encourage readers  to purchase School of Logging Off: The Ultimate Guide, an informational, in-depth eBook to help you "redefine your relationship with work in one quarter."

Grant allowed me the privilege to design/format his eBook. The background of the cover page is a pattern I created using illustrations that represent different components of the School of Logging Off playbook:

  • Power button: logging off from work

  • Calm face: the peace one is searching for in their quest to create a better work/life balance

  • Pocket: "Three Good Pockets" strategy

  • Bricks: Setting boundaries

I also pulled in the same colorful blocks that are used in the Sustain newsletter banner.

As for the rest of the eBook, I implemented consistent border designs throughout all of the pages and added designed sidebars and text sections as needed. I also created a few illustrative icons for select sections.


And in order to sell the eBook, Grant of course needed to market it! So, I designed him a matching link share image + social media graphic to promote School of Logging Off: The Ultimate Guide.