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projectZero Logo


projectZero is a fictional company created for a Michigan State University entrepreneurship class project. While I was not a student in this class, I was asked if I could mock up a logo design for this fictional company.

projectZero was pitched as a biomedical engineering company whose mission it is to innovate a device capable of achieving "earlier detection of sickle cell crises to reduce the pain & suffering of SCD (sickle cell disease) patients." 


The imagined device would look like a small belt, worn around the patient's arm or leg, and would monitor the status of blood flow, detect the shape of the blood cells and keep count of the blood cells that are being critically affected by sickle cell disease. 


The logo icon resembles a sickled cell wrapped in a belt — a nod to the belt device. I wanted the logo to feel comforting and innovative, so I chose clean digital font with rounded corners.


I came up with the slogan, "Zero eccentricity, zero worry" as well. While I am certainly no pro in biomedical engineering, a conversation with students of the class allowed me to understand that a healthy blood cell has an eccentricity of 0, while a sickled blood cell has an eccentricity of 1.


Because the imagined device aims to catch a sickle cell crisis in its early stages and notify EMS upon detecting an average eccentricity exceeding 0.5 for a cluster of blood cells, it would allow the patient the opportunity to mitigate the painful side effects of the crisis before they happen — hopefully increasing the number of healthy blood cells (with an eccentricity of zero) more quickly.

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