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East Lansing PRIDE Logo

While working at the City of East Lansing, I got to work with Spartan Housing Cooperative (SHC), to coordinate East Lansing's first pride event, East Lansing PRIDEI was tasked with creating a logo for the celebration to print on t-shirts and use in marketing materials.


My final logo design combines SHC's logo, the two trees in a circle, with the most iconic pride symbol: a rainbow. I chose a clean font with a hint of ruggedness in an effort to  incorporate the simplistic Downtown East Lansing branding with the outdoorsy vibes of SHC.

Members of SHC approved of my logo design and used it in their own marketing materials, like the Instagram post pictured. The t-shirts, given away for free at East Lansing PRIDE, ran out practically before the event even started. And I was so happy to see the shirts with my logo design on it worn at a separate pride rally at the Michigan State Capital in Lansing (last image)!

I also photographed the PRIDE event. View some of my favorites here!

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