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Patrick Doud's Irish Pub Spirits Menu


Patrick Doud's Irish Pub is located on Michigan's beautiful Mackinac Island and is described as a "traditional Irish pub with a Michigan flair," named to honor the legacy of Patrick Doud: the man who helped contribute to build a number of Mackinac Island structures that are still standing today.


Prior to its May 2023 grand opening, a co-owner of the new business reached out to me in need of help designing the pub's drink menu.

The Menu

I designed the 8.5"x11" bi-fold menu using brand guidelines set forth by a separate creative agency who was hired to design the pub's logo and food menu.


Because so much of the design choices were already made, my biggest challenge was fitting all of the menu items on four 4.25"x11" panels in a way that made sense to future customers. After a few edits based on my client's feedback, I finalized a spirits menu that is not only clean and easy for customers to read, but also honors the unique, traditional Irish branding that is used throughout Patrick Doud's Irish Pub's marketing.

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