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Moonlight ExtravaGRANDza is an annual event (first held in August 2021) welcoming new and returning Michigan State University students to East Lansing. Attending students get to enjoy games, live music, free plants, giveaways, and students discounts at countless of local participating businesses. In 2021, the event also offered an opportunity for students to get free COVID-19 vaccines — a requirement for attendance of in-person classes at MSU.

I was in charge of creating a logo and all marketing materials for the event. My completed designs and descriptions of each project can be viewed below.


The name "Moonlight ExtravaGRANDza" is a play on the well-known main road that separates Michigan State University's campus and neighboring downtown East Lansing: Grand River Avenue. And the event is held at night, hence, "Moonlight". 

I wanted the logo to be simple , but fun. I also wanted it to show the meaning behind the name of the event, which I aimed to do by including the Grand River street sign in the design.

My logo design was well-received, and has maintained as the event logo beyond my time at the City.


Because it was the first time this event was held, the budget for the 2021 Moonlight ExtravaGRANDza was tight. Knowing this, and taking our target audience into account (college students), we decided social media ads and posters were the most efficient way to spread the word. The design for both was virtually the same.  

These means of marketing proved to be effective. The social media ads reached thousands of local residents and students, and was shared hundreds of times. The posters were distributed to all MSU resident assistants (RA's) who posted them on their individual "upcoming events" boards in their respective dorm floors. Posters were also distributed to participating downtown East Lansing businesses to hang in their windows. Thousands of students attended the 2021 event.


One of the activities students got to look forward to at Moonlight ExtravaGRANDza was a scavenger hunt. Eh ehm— Extravagavenger Hunt. Students were to go to the local businesses indicated on their brochure, receive a stamp from each business, and return their completed Extravagavenger Hunt page to event organizers by midnight to be entered in a raffle for a Smart TV and Apple AirPods Pro. 

In addition to the scavenger hunt page, the brochure I designed also included the names and locations of all participating local businesses and the discounts/deals students could expect at each business, a list of activities, and an event map. These brochures were handed out to nearly every Moonlight ExtravaGRANDza attendee, and hundreds of completed Extravagavenger Hunt pages were returned to organizers as raffle entries.

Virtual brochures, which could be accessed via QR codes pasted around downtown, were also utilized by 60+ attendees.

Related Signage

Students and community members were able to receive a free COVID-19 vaccine at the 2021 Moonlight ExtravaGRANDza, thanks to the Ingham County Health Department. I designed posters displayed on A-frame signs to help direct those interested to the pop-up vaccination site. Moonlight ExtravaGRANDza branding was maintained in the design of these signs.

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