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Michigan Redistricting Graphics

I designed these graphics for the League of Women Voters Of Lansing Area in Spring of 2021. They were created to help inform community members about the importance and opportunity to have their voices heard at Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC)'s public hearing in May 2021.

The graphics were meant to be non-partisan, easy to understand, and engaging to their target audience: residents of the Greater Lansing Area.

Rather than using red and blue, the colors typically used in political ads, I used the League of Women Voters' secondary colors, purple and gold, to help the graphic feel a little less divisive in a time of otherwise high political divide. I aimed to make the message easy to understand through the use of infographics, and added Spartan Stadium — Michigan State University's football stadium — as a recognizable point of reference for local area Spartan fans to help visualize the representation of Michigan's districts.

Check out my designs featured in a 2021 East Lansing Info article here.

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