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Great Pumpkin Walk Marketing

In addition to planning, organizing, setting up, and  photographing the event, I also was in charge of designing the marketing materials for the 2021 Great Pumpkin Walk  — an annual Halloween event hosted by the City of East Lansing where families can trick-or-treat at local businesses, paint pumpkins, attend an interactive magic show, and enjoy live music.

I used marketing materials from prior years (not designed by me) as a start for my inspiration. I wanted my new design to be fun and playful, but still professional and trustworthy. I wanted it to to feel inclusive to all genders. To be cute enough for younger kids, yet cool enough for the older ones. 

My design was a hit. Several thousand community members showed up for the event and my art surpassed my time at the City and was reused (altered slightly) for the 2022 Great Pumpkin Walk.

Check out this 2021 article I'm quoted in regarding the Great Pumpkin Walk in The State News, Michigan State University's student newspaper.

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