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GLAM Jam Summer Kickoff Marketing

The GLAM Jam Summer Kickoff was an event co-hosted by Downtown East Lansing and the Greater Lansing Area Moms (GLAMoms) in June of 2022. It was a free family-friendly event filled with activities, live music, vendors, food trucks, and more to kick-off the beginning of summer. A portion of the proceeds from the event went to Child and Family Charities, while the rest went back to the Greater Lansing Area Moms in order to continue their work with the local mom community. 

In addition to helping organize the event, I was also in charge of the logo design and marketing for the event. The GLAMoms provided me with inspiration to base my logo design off of. Once the logo was finalized, I incorporated it in social media posts and on a poster design to market the event in a short timeframe. The GLAMoms had the logo printed on t-shirts to sell at the event, as well as on stickers to give away at the summer kickoff.

The GLAM Jam Summer Kickoff was overall incredibly successful and saw a large local attendance. View photos from the event here.

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