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BID Gallery

This project was created in Michigan State University's ADV428: Advanced Creative: Media II class. We were instructed to conceptualize and mockup a brand based on an issue important to us. I chose to focus on issues of equity, including racial, gender, sexual, and climate equity.

Brand / Website Concept


The concept for my brand, BID Gallery, was inspired by an online t-shirt marketplace, Bonfire, which allows customers to buy shirts relating to a cause of their choice (ex: social justice, LGBTQ+ rights, wildlife conservation, etc) with part of the proceeds being donated back to organizations and/or campaigns that support that respective cause.


I was also inspired by a talented artist that I follow on Instagram, Adrian Brandon, who creates beautifully disturbing paintings as part of his powerful Stolen Series. The paintings in this series are portraits of the too many black people who were robbed of their lives at the hands of police. The otherwise black and white portraits are painted with color for 1 minute per 1 year of their life — depicting just how incomplete their time here on Earth was.

BID Gallery

BID Gallery is an online art gallery for talented up-and-coming artists, like Adrian Brandon, to auction their art to the highest bidder, and to automatically have a portion of the winning bid be donated to an organization or campaign of the artist's choosing. BID Gallery allows art lovers to support gifted artists and causes they care about.

Logo Designs

The primary logo design for BID Gallery is clean and simple. I chose to frame two corners of the word "BID", to represent the frames you'd see in an art gallery. The logo also imitates a design one might find on a clothing label, which speaks to a notion that BID Gallery fully supports: you are more than your label.

I also created a couple of celebratory logos that the brand could use during meaningful occasions, such as Pride Month and Black History Month.


Brand Manifesto

As part of this assignment, we were instructed to create a brand manifesto. Mine was as follows:


Envision a world...

where a Black man feels peace walking through his neighborhood as a policeman drives by;

where a gay couple excitedly taste tests an array of wedding cakes;

where girls light up with confidence as they like a post of a model who looks like them;

Where Smokey Bear’s famous campaign seems achievable again.

Now that is a wonderful world.

Change exists through an accumulation of small steps.

Take a step

and place a bid on change.


Through writing this brand manifesto, I found a slogan for BID Gallery: Place your bid on change.


"Change" could be interchanged with other impactful words for different campaigns to create campaign-specific slogans such as, Place your bid on justice. or Place your bid on peace.


I wanted the ads for BID Gallery to be simple, impactful, and to-the-point. I also wanted them to have a call for action, prompting the viewers to check out the BID Gallery website and "place their bid on change." 

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