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Bath & Body Works Rebrand

I completed this project to fulfill an assignment in ADV428: Advanced Creative: Media II at Michigan State University in 2020. The brief for this assignment was to bring life back into a 'dying' brand of our choosing through a rebrand. I chose to rebrand Bath & Body Works.

Product Design

Bath & Body Works branding is known for its bright packaging, fun fonts, and over-the-top seasonal patterns. And while this branding was iconic back in 2012  — especially in YouTube hauls! — I felt that 2020 brand trends were leaning much more towards a minimalistic, classy, organic style.

So for my Bath & Body Works rebrand, I swapped the fun, curly fonts for a clean, timeless combo of Avenir Next and Leitura News. I muted their bright and bold color palette in order to appeal to a more mature audience, and aimed for this new softer color palette to feel classy, calming, simple, therapeutic, natural, and rejuvenating. And lastly, I dropped loud seasonal patterns, instead opting for clear packing that let the product itself be seen and packing made of organic materials, like wood and stone.

Email Marketing

Bath & Body Works' marketing needed a makeover as well. In order to compliment the rebranded products, I carried over the same minimalistic, organic characteristics to my email marketing mockups.

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